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7115 by Szeki 

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the 7115 by Szeki shop underwent a full interior renovation during the fall of 2022. Dedicated to the eponymous brand of unisex clothing designed by Szeki Chan, the commission included architectural renovation as well as full interior finishings and custom furniture.

The general goal for the long and narrow space, was to create a streamlined, soft focus to the lower half of the room as it is quite a high space. This was achieved by bringing up several of the volumes to the ceiling to create a cleaner space. Originally there was a few faux ceilings in the space. This was done at the dressing room area as well as over the counter desk. 3/4 down is painted an icy blue grey plaster, and the ceiling and 1/4 up the wall is painted in a soft beige yellow which creates a sunny overcast in the space.


A platform painted in a soft beige yellow (farrow and ball “cord”) is used to highlight objects and seasonal items from the collection. I wanted to make a post system to hang tapestries that serve as a backdrop for this space. This ended up being a custom design constructed locally from stainless steel. The tapestry can be swapped out seasonally, and someday the idea was to use collection scraps to make this. For now we designed a pojagi inspired tapestry made by patchwork in Copenhagen, taking colors from the shop with a bit more saturation in them.


The aim was to achieve the functional desires of the space from the client, but also create a series of warm and textural vignettes that not only showcase the clothing well, but create a sense of calm and easiness for the customers. It was important to create moments for both rest and interaction, thus a small lounge was integral in the design. Adorning the back wall to the lounge, the Frama shelf library system in stainless steel is used to show a mix of hanging goods like clothing, as well as house made ceramics and other local wares. Also included is the frama lounge chair opposite a custom designed side table for the space. It is a small area so this set up with the lightness of the shelf library and the contrasting lounge chair work perfectly.

Heavy expression | Light expression - Shelving

All furniture and shelving systems are constructed with The Hudson company reclaimed pine beams sourced locally. In their most literal state, a row of pine beams form vertical posts with stainless steel shelving to form a wardrobe on a smaller wall. To balance this heavier expression, on the opposite wall parallel, I designed a shelving system with a lighter expression constructed from stainless steel posts and pine shelves; same materials but reversed. With both the shelving systems a larger amount of hanging space and shelving was achieved to host a growing collection.


Custom designed furniture for the space include a small side table in the lounge, specially shaped to suit the narrow area. L shaped centre tables were designed in lieu of a larger table for folded goods and small ceramic wares. The idea with these shapes was to give the space more flexibility with the potential to have the tables spaced apart, or interlocking to form a larger table. They sit around a kitchen height to allow for conversation and interaction, as well as allowing the visitors not to have to crouch to to see product.

All was constructed from reclaimed pine from the Hudson valley.

Counter area

The counter desk is constructed with a reclaimed pine top, and the front is outfitted with Japanese tiles from Tajami. The key texture here comes from the extruded tiles, which have a striped surface. The tiles are placed in a patchwork-like composition resembling a woven pattern- suitable for the rich textures Szeki has in her collection. There are alot of moments of texture in the space that create a subtle interest, while being relatively monochromatic and silent.

All photos by Szeki Chan
Project was completed for Frama Interior Architecture 
A special thanks to Niels Strøyer Christopherson